Media Transfers

Bevara Digital uses the latest technologies to capture content from your film, video/audio tape, and images.

After inspection, repairs, and cleaning, film is captured frame by frame in high definition.  Videotape is also inspected and cleaned and run through time base correction to assure the most error-free transfer.  Images receive physical and “digital” cleaning to assure high-quality captures and transfers.

We want you to have the highest quality digital files.  Then, whether you choose DVD copies, Web streaming . . or just want to keep or edit the digital files yourself . . your content will be ready for viewing and listening now and in the future.


Presentations and Tributes

Let Bevara Digital help you with that special event presentation.  Whether it’s recognizing a lifetime of achievement, a family milestone, or a story needing to be told, Bevara Digital will meet with you, discover your needs, and achieve your presentation goals.