Audio Transfers Pricing

All audio to digital transfers including the following, at no additional charge:

  • Cleaning and repair (if necessary) of your original cassette or reel-to-reel audiotape
  • Cleaning of your vinyl records
  • Noise reduction and silent areas removed
  • Choice of audio file formats
  • Free return shipping



Cassette Audio Tapes – $ .25/minute
Reel-to-Reel Audio Tapes – $ .25/minute
Vinyl Records – $ .25/minute



CD – $ 10.00/disc
(All CD’s are top-rated  JVC Taiyo Yuden brand media.  Each CD will feature a custom label.  One double-sided tape or vinyl record will be transferred to a single CD.)

Flash Drive – (Prices Vary)


Long Term Storage

After your order is completed, Bevara Digital will keep your transferred digital files for up to 60 days.

Important Note:
Bevara Digital specializes in custom solutions for your older media.  Please contact Bevara to discuss your entire capture, transfer, and special services order.