Some transfer companies contend that transferring your old media to digital media is the only way to preserve your original content.  That may be true . . especially if you don’t have the means to stabilize and protect your original film, tape, or images from the environment or the effects of aging.  Bevara Digital believes the continued existence of your physical media is just as important as the virtual content we capture on your behalf.  We show you how to protect both for future generations.



Bevara Digital will inspect, clean and repair your original film before transferring . . and then return your film to you ready for future long-term storage.  Bevara also provides you with instructions on how best to store that film for later generations, including how to slow further deterioration.



Consumer grade videotape deteriorates more quickly than film, especially in high heat and humidity.  With a far shorter lifetime than film, it’s critical to bring your videotape content to Bevara for evaluation and for transfer on our professional transfer equipment.  Then we’ll show you the best way to save your original videotape.



Recorded sound evokes powerful, vivid memories . . . so it’s worth considering that audiotape physically degrades just like videotape . . and while more durable, vinyl albums can be scratched or broken.  The appreciation of sounds and their impact makes the consideration of audiotape and vinyl storage all the more important.  Bevara will help you with transferring your audio media and then setting up your audio archive.



Images can be the most indelible and durable of media.   However, slides, prints and negatives are all susceptible to the same environmental factors that affect film and tape . . . light, temperature, and humidity.  It’s easy to share images in a digital world.  Bevara uses state-of-the-art techniques for digitizing and sharing images . . and will then advise you on protecting your images for future generations.