Image Transfers Pricing

All image to digital transfers include the following, at no additional charge:

  • Inspection and cleaning of your original print, slide or negative
  • Crop, rotate, exposure/color correct each image
  • Free return shipping



35mm/126/110 Slides
2400 dpi – $ .44/slide
4000 dpi – $ .58/slide
(All slides must be in 2×2 mounts. We can remount slides in damaged, bent or non-2×2 mounts for $ .50/slide)

35mm Negative
2400 dpi – $ .44/frame
4000 dpi – $ .58/frame

Medium/Large Format Slides/Transparencies
2400 dpi – $ 1.10/frame
4000 dpi – $ 1.50/frame

Printed Images (4×6, 5×7, 8×10)
300 dpi – $ .46/print
600 dpi – $ .52/print

Bevara’s professional grade scanners can handle other image sizes.  We also handle photo restoration.  Contact us for custom pricing.



USB Hard Drive  –  Prices vary, dependent on drive capacity . . but always very reasonable!
(All hard drives are supplied by Bevara and are formatted to your specifications.  We source Western Digital drives in a custom enclosure.  We can also provide digital files encoded to your specifications.  You can also supply your own hard drive and we’ll transfer the files to that drive for a nominal charge.)

DVD – $10.00/disc
(All DVD’s are top-rated JVC Taiyo-Yuden brand media.  Each DVD will feature a custom label and enclosure.  Photo slideshows with background music and custom editing are available for an additional fee.  Depending on file format and resolution, each DVD can hold hundreds of compressed JPG images or dozens of uncompressed TIFF images.)


Important Note:
Bevara Digital specializes in custom solutions for your older media.  Please contact Bevara to discuss your entire capture, transfer, and special services order.